Why Calming Bed?

Why Calming Bed?

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Not sure which dog bed to get for your dogs? Want to help ease your dogs' anxiety?

These were exactly the questions our team (all dog owners) always had.

We tried many dog beds but they were not comfortable. We tried many methods to calm our dogs' anxiety but none of those worked.

We thought, "how great it would be to design a dog bed that is not only comfortable but also a safe space for our dogs".

And so we designed the raised rim to create a sense of security to help ease our dogs' anxiety and sourced the softest material for ultimate comfort.

We would never forget the joy we felt when we laid the Calming Bed on the floor for the first time and our dogs automatically/instantaneously settled in the bed and rested their head on the raised rim peacefully.

Now, when no one is at home, our dogs would spend most of their time in their Calming Beds either resting or play with their toys until we return home. Most importantly, they are not anxious anymore.

We have helped many dogs around the world and we want to help yours too. If you're looking for ways to help your dog, try our Calming Bed. It might help your dog.

We want you to feel the joy we felt - it was the most amazing feeling we have ever felt after years of feeling hopeless and helpless.

All of our beds are tested by our team's dogs. We know your dogs will love theirs as much as our dogs.

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