Hard Bottom Backseat Extender for Dogs
Hard Bottom Backseat Extender for Dogs
Hard Bottom Backseat Extender for Dogs
Hard Bottom Backseat Extender for Dogs
Hard Bottom Backseat Extender for Dogs
Hard Bottom Backseat Extender for Dogs

Hard Bottom Backseat Extender for Dogs

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✔ Suitable for all vehicles

✔ 100% waterproof & scratch-resistant

✔ Has 2 slots to connect the safety belt

✔ Free shipping worldwide


Eliminate uncomfortable journeys with your dog

As individuals who frequently embark on road trips, we know how uncomfortable it can be for our dog in the back seats - struggling with limited space, insufficient support, and general discomfort, especially during bumpy rides.‎ 

That's why we developed this kind of car seat cover. It provides not only a safe and cozy place for your dog to relax and enjoy the ride, but also ensures excellent support and comfort to avoid any discomfort during bumpy rides.

✔ Includes a dog safety belt for added safety in the car

Give your dog unmatched safety and support

Traditional seat covers often fail to fit all vehicles, aren't 100% waterproof and scratch-proof, leading to discomfort for your dog during journeys. 

However, this is now a thing of the past with the Backseat Extender. It enhances the entire experience by providing:

  • Hassle-free and comfortable travel with your pets.
  • A supportive bottom that offers a cozy and secure space for your dog.
  • An opportunity for your dog to nap, relax, and enjoy the ride in style.

Moreover, the sturdy reinforced sides and bottom ensure that your dog stays secure, preventing them from falling or getting injured during sudden stops.

✔ Fits any car, whether it's an SUV or a truck

Hassle-free installation and easy-to-clean

The Hard Bottom Car Seat Cover boasts effortless installation, providing a quick and secure solution for your pet's travel needs, unlike traditional seat covers that can take up tons of time.

It is also easy to clean with a removable, machine-washable cover, ensuring your dog's space stays fresh and odor-free.

Say goodbye to messy and damaged car seats, and enjoy a solution that upgrades the longevity of your car seats!

✔ Has 2 slots to connect the safety belt!


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